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Where could I put a Glass Lantern. Hang them over a table, island bench, in the corner of a room or a bracket. On the deck or in your garden.

Where could I put a Glass Lantern..


How incredible would it be to have that special ambience around your home or venue that encourages you to relax as soon as you enter.

I get asked continuously where would I put them, I don’t have any room?

If you have a low ceiling there are still many options. Hang them over a table, island bench or in the corner of a room to create that wonderful exotic feeling. Imagine how lovely it would be to lay in a bath and look at your lanterns glowing softly on the wall or in a corner. You could also use a wall bracket to lift them off the wall at your preferred height.

In your bedroom hang them either side of your bed to give you a feeling of more relaxation.

Displaying a collection of our gorgeous lanterns from CasaPandan together gives so much more atmosphere to your rooms.

They can be wired with electricity by your electrician and insert a bulb that is dimmable.  Electrical wiring from Australia is also available from CasaPandan to help you have the fittings when the electrician arrives. Create a different ambience in your rooms with large candles if you prefer. Each glass lantern has a large door on the side for easy access.

All my lanterns at CasaPandan are handcrafted from brass and glass by talented Balinese craftsman.

At CasaPandan we love to support the Balinese and be able to find such beautiful lanterns to bring back to you is such a pleasure.

love your home and garden

Till next time

Cheers Euni.

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