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Packing the container in Bali for CasaPandan.com.au

The container is on its way

“The container is on its way”

The excitement this sentence gives, makes me realise that my work has only just begun.

The planning that has happened to get to this point – trip to Bali – hunt products – choose products – order – handcraft products – delivery – wrap and package – then finally stuff the container. Wayan and his helpers do an amazing job helping to make this happen. WhatsApp, an app on our smartphones, is a valuable tool between us along the way.

Communication with our exporter and meeting with the importer happens easily, then the big decision where to unload is certainly a financial one. The delivery to Brisbane or Byron Bay, I didn’t quite expect the price to be so different.

We were fortunate to be able to arrange the delivery to a warehouse in Brisbane and have a removalist meet me to unpack and transport the LANTERNS.STATUES.STONE down to our property in Byron.

The excitement of unloading the container, organising the space and unpacking the boxes. This is so fulfilling if not a little overwhelming at times. As I open the boxes and admire the amazing craftsmanship of the Balinese in the handcrafting of my products, I look forward to preparing them for display on my website.

Til next time,

Cheers Euni

At Casapandan we love to support the Balinese and to be able to find such amazing items to bring back to you is such a pleasure.


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